“We aim to please”


While our main goal is complete satisfaction, many of our customers have a variety of frequently asked questions regarding our wood floor refinishing procedure; from the drying time to the number of coats we apply.  So go ahead, give us the challenge, no question goes unanswered, we will make sure that you have all of the facts, so that you can make a more informed floor refinishing decision. If you need more info take a look at some of our floor refinish articles Make Floors Done Right Refinishing Service your number one floor refinishing resource in St. Louis.


Q: how long does the process take from start to finish?

A: That depends on the service requested. Our sand and refinish normally will take anywhere from 3 to 5 days unless we run into an unexpected situation.


Q: What is the drying time?

A: We offer two different types of polyurethane and each one has it’s own drying time. While the water-base finish has a drying time of 1hr 30 minutes in between applications, and is a bit more costly, our oil-base finish has a drying time of 6-7 hours between applications.


Q: How many coats of polyurethane do you use?

A: Floors done right is one of the few flooring companies that offer a 4-coat application.  We also offer the traditional 3 coat application as well.


Q: Can you get water and pet stains such as urine?

A: Yes, however, we have encountered damage so extensive that the damaged planks have to be replaced with new ones, and when that is the situation, there will be an additional cost.